21 Days of Powerful Breakthroughs: Day 14

Read Hebrews 13:5, Psalms 84:11, Jeremiah 31:17, and Lamentations 3:26

Keep your hope in the Lord

So often, we want to move at our own pace but fail to move at God’s. God makes it clear that whatever you desire of Him, if you keep your hope in Him, He will renew your strength.

Sometimes waiting on God can be challenging. We are saying, “God when? God why? God, what are you doing with me? God, I don’t quite understand it.”

No good thing will be withheld from you

It is not for us to know when, why or even to understand His plans for our lives. It is more relevant to understand He loves us so much He will not leave or forsake us, read Hebrews 13:5. He even loves us so much that He will not hurt us and He only desires the best for us. He will not withhold anything good from us, read Psalm 84:11. Isn’t this great to know? God is like a virus protector. He will make certain it does not come your way!

There is hope

If you find yourself waiting on God today, stand on His Word. He says there is hope in your future, read Jeremiah 31:17. Just hold on, knowing you will live a full life here on earth. Wait for Him and quietly place all your hope in the Lord, see Lamentations 3:26. In doing so, He will provide you with the strength to keep going and give you victory.

Reflection: If there is something you have been waiting for from the Lord, begin to declare right now God is working it out for you and it will come in God’s time!

This plan is comprised of excerpts from the book 21 Days of Powerful Breakthroughs by Kemberley Washington. Copyright © 2013.

Written by Allison Levy


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