21 Days of Powerful Breakthroughs: Day 5

Read Psalms 27:14, Lamentations 3:25-26, John 21:3-6, and Acts 3:2-7

Read Psalms 27:14, Lamentations 3:25-26, John 21:3-6, and Acts 3:2-7

Wait on the Lord

If you are at a place in your life where you are tired of being sick and tired, today you have to commit to wait on the Lord. Refer to Psalm 27:14. This scripture is a great reminder that if you wait on Him, you will have a sense of peace and renewed strength.

Yield to His Word

Many times in our lives, our battles wear us down, because we are moving at our own speed. Our “to do lists” tend to grow longer and our time with our Master only grows shorter. God promises in His Word, if we yield, wait on Him to move, He promises He is good to those who wait on Him!

Read Lamentations 3:25-26. It tells us the Lord is good to those who wait on Him and to the soul that continues to seek Him. It advises us to continue to quietly wait and hope in the Lord.

As you wait, He will direct you

Read John 21:3-6. It is one of my favorite passages in the Bible. It speaks of fishermen who toiled all night but caught nothing; given up they decided to call it quits. Jesus appeared to them and instructed them to cast their nets out to the right side of the ship. They caught so much it was difficult to carry it in! If you wait on Him, He will not only be good to you but you will prosper beyond what you can ever imagine!

Change your strategy

If you have been doing the same old thing you are destined to get the same result. Refer to Acts 3:2-7. It describes a man who had been lame since birth. Throughout his life, he would lay in front of the temple asking for money. Peter and John, upon seeing this man, instructed him to arise and walk in Jesus’ name and immediately he did! Are you battling the same issues for some time? What can you do differently today? Declare you are arising and walking today!

Reflection: If you are facing a challenge you have been battling for some time, make a decision today you will wait for Him to carry you through. Like my mother says, “Lets just wait and see what God’s going to do!”

This plan is comprised of excerpts from the book 21 Days of Powerful Breakthroughs by Kemberley Washington. Copyright © 2013.

Written by Allison Levy


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