21 Days Of Powerful Breakthroughs

It's not just 21 days, it's a lifestyle.

Whether you are experiencing worrying, decision-making, anxiety, or just simply desire to know God’s will for your life, each daily devotional is divinely designed to help you overcome life’s barriers. Begin today by proclaiming God is giving you peace, healing, tranquility, and serenity at this very moment. Give God all the things you have worried about for so long and begin to expect your powerful breakthrough.

And did you know: if you do something consistently for just about three weeks, you can begin to lock it in as a habit? That’s why we started the 21-Day New Year Challenge: to help inspire you to connect with God’s Word every day for three weeks.  We will be here every day with you, so if you have a prayer request, difficult decision, or question, please leave a comment and we will pray with you, encourage you, or simply be there for you.  Because our God is your God and all things are possible through God.

These devotionals are brought to you by Twenty – One Days.


Written by Allison Levy


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