Don’t Be Afraid

Do not be afraid, Abram.

    I am your shield,

    your very great reward.

Genesis 15:1 (NIV)


Abraham had just come from battle. He battled against a large army to rescue his nephew Lot. After the battle, the king of Sodom offered Abraham part of the wealth and Abraham said “No thanks. I don’t want your money. You can hold nothing over me; all I have comes from God.” Later, God affirmed that he had in fact protected Abraham when he said “I am your shield.” But he also said “There’s more! I will be your great reward.” In other words, more than lots of money, I will be your greatest desire. God offers the same to us today….he will be our fortress and no matter what we think we need to be complete, he alone will complete us. He alone will be our great reward.

–Elaine Kapetanakis

Written by Diane Levy


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