Always Working

Jesus said to them, “My Father is always at his work to this very day, and I too am working.” John 5:17 (NIV)

As I walked into the room, he looked up. He asked me to come talk to him. When he started talking he said “I know God is part of your life. I need advice and I would like you to pray and ask God what I am supposed to do.” I responded with “That’s not how it works. You are supposed to pray and ask God what He wants you to do“. My friend went on to tell me that he walked away from God many years ago. He was sure God wouldn’t want to talk to him.

We talked. I shared that I knew God wanted to talk to him….that God wanted to have a relationship with him and if he was interested in getting to know God, I would be happy to meet with him and share.

A few weeks later he called. He wanted to start his journey. We started meeting and my friend has fallen in love with Jesus and is seeking to grow closer to Him. PRAISE!

I share this story because I think, pray and talk a lot about waiting on God. It almost gives the impression that while I am waiting, God isn’t doing anything. Which is so far from the truth. God is always working. He is always talking and moving in people’s hearts. Sure, I am waiting on specific things but all around my waiting are these amazing miracles. Any time someone is convinced that God is there and He is involved, it is a miracle.

Like the woman who was doing something at work that she felt was wrong. One day she decided she had to stand for what she believed in. She committed to going to work that week and talking to her boss. Before she even got to that point, she lost her job. But guess what? She had a job the very next day working for someone who prays over her business decisions. God was at work.

A young man was looking for a job. He commented that God is not involved in our everyday lives. We prayed together. The next week he went on three interviews and got a job offer at all three. During one of the interviews the owner of the business talked about God and something God said during prayer. This young man took that job. Later he said “I guess God is interested in what is happening in my life.”

Another woman had an addiction. She knew she wasn’t happy and she wanted more. She started on the journey to know Jesus. She’s been free of her addiction for 11 months! God is working in her life and she is beginning the process of helping others who have addictions.

God is always working. He is moving in hearts and lives to call as many of His children into a relationship with Him. He wants them all to respond to His invitation. Won’t you come? Come and know the boundless love of your Father. Do you already know? If so, come join with Him to point people to Jesus. There is work to do in the waiting.

–Elaine (

Written by Diane Levy


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