Asking God

David inquired of the LORD, “Shall I pursue this raiding party? Will I overtake them?” (1 Samuel 30:8a NIV)

In the course of time, David inquired of the LORD. “Shall I go up to one of the towns of Judah?” (2 Samuel 2:1a NIV)

In 1 Samuel 30, the wives and children of David and his men were taken as prisoners. He, being a superior warrior, could have rescued them, no problem. In 2 Samuel 2, Saul was now dead. No longer would David have to run. No longer would he have to sleep on the ground and fear for his life. He could return home and be crowned king. Can you imagine how exciting that thought would have been?

But in both cases David didn’t rush into what seemed logical. Instead, he asked God first. How often do we move ahead with our own plans without asking God? No matter how logical our plans seem, God’s plans may be different. And where God is concerned, different is always better.

–Elaine Kapetanakis

Written by Diane Levy


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