Beauty for Ashes

Yesterday someone said to me “I only have one regret.” I thought to myself “Only one?” If I looked back over my life, I could make a pretty long list. A list of mistakes made, opportunities lost, bad, no very bad decisions. If I focused on those things, I would be taking away what God has done and will do in my life. God’s promises to make beauty from our ashes. He promises joy instead of regret. Satan would have us sit in the middle of our regrets and stop us from growing in Jesus. God promises to make us righteous (right with him) and to continue to grow us until we are as tall and strong as a mature oak tree. Take all of your regrets and toss them out. God has a plan for your life. Any mistakes you’ve made he will use to grow you into his awesome plan for you. Nothing we do goes to waste. God uses it to grow us and then to glorify his name.

–Elaine Kapetanakis

Written by Diane Levy


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