Christmas Giving

Like 2:12

In this passage, Jesus tells the rich young man to go sell everything he has and give it to the poor. In the Bible, Jesus speaks a lot about taking care of those in need. When we think of great people of faith in the history of the Church, we can think of Saint Nicholas – Santa Claus! Santa Claus’ real name was Saint Nicholas, and he was a Christian bishop who lived in Germany. Saint Nicholas was very wealthy, but he did not keep his money for himself! He gave it away to people who needed it.

We can learn a lot from Nicholas’ generosity! Jesus calls us to do the same thing. He tells us to take care of the poor and to not focus on our own material possessions. Is there a better time than Christmas to focus on giving rather than getting? Let’s pray and ask God to fill our hearts with a desire to give this season, and to focus on how we can give and serve instead of focusing on what we want to receive for Christmas.

Provided by Phil Vischer

Written by Allison Levy


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