Creative Food Ideas for Kids – Jellyfish Sandwich

Jellyfish Sandwich

Your little ones will love this fun, easy-to-make sandwich

This jellyfish sandwich is not only adorable, but it’s also really easy to make. My kids absolutely adored it and thought this cute little jellyfish was hilarious. It’s definitely one I’ll be making again. Here are the instructions so you can make one too!

What you’ll need:

  • 2 slices of bread
  • Sandwich filling of your choice – I used chicken
  • 1 slice of mozza cheese
  • 1 twisty mozza cheesestring
  • Jam in a squeeze bottle
  • Black food safe markers
  • A drinking glass


1. Using the open end of a large drinking glass, cut each piece of bread into a circle.

2. Place whatever sandwich filling you like in between the two circles. Place the circle sandwich on a plate.

3. Grab a twisty cheesestring, and peel it. Place the twisty strings around the sandwich for jellyfish legs.

4. Cut two small circles out of your piece of mozza cheese and place them on the sandwich for the eyes. Use your black food safe marker to put dots on the eyes.

5. Using your squeeze bottle of jam, draw on a small smile and 2 dots for cheeks.

Be prepared—your kids will ask for this lunch again and again. Enjoy!

Taken from Canadian Family

Written by Diane Levy


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