Creative Food Ideas for Kids – You Are My Sunshine

You Are My Sunshine

Photography by Jill Dubien

With the absolutely gorgeous (and hot!) summer weather we’ve been having, I figured a sunshine sandwich would be more than fitting. It’s a really easy sandwich to make and the kids loved it. What could be better? This fun lunch is a wonderful way to offer your kids healthy servings from four of the major food groups—grains, meats/proteins, dairy and veggies.

What you’ll need:

  • 2 pieces of bread
  • Sandwich meat of your choice—I used ham
  • 1 slice of cheese
  • Handful of matchstick carrots
  • 2 sliced black olives
  • 1 slice of radish
  • 1 slice of red pepper
  • A drinking glass, or circle cookie cutter
  • A sharp kitchen knife


1. Using your circle cookie cutter (or the open end of a drinking glass), cut your 2 pieces of bread into circles.

2. Place a sandwich meat of your choice in between the bread circles and place on your plate.

3. Using the same circle cookie cutter (or drinking glass), cut a circle out of your piece of cheese and place it on top of your sandwich.

4. Take a handful of matchstick carrots and arrange them all the way around your sandwich.

5. Place 2 black olive eyes on your sandwich.

6. Cut your slice of radish into a semi-circle for a mouth, and place on your sandwich.

7. Cut your slice of red pepper into 2 small circles for some sweet little cheeks for your sunshine sandwich. Place these on your sandwich.

Your kids will absolutely love this “fun-shine” sandwich on a beautiful summer day.

Taken from Canadian Family

Written by Diane Levy


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