Do Your Staff Members Know Where They Are Going

How cohesive is your team? If you asked them to articulate their main purpose or the company’s key goals, could they tell you what they were? A creative environment with lots of open opinions should be valued. A culture where differing positions are not only tolerated but encouraged is rare yet desirable. However, a process of decision-making based on specific, demonstrable goals and outcomes, underpinned by clear jurisdictions and authorities, is critical to contain this vibrancy in a cohesive structure.

When you place potential in an enabling structure, there is a synthesis that produces a multiplier effect. Take the emotion, innovation, and creative passion and place it in a structure to guide and channel that power, not one to contain and constrain it. The motivation for structure is as important as the structure itself.

All this has to be undergirded by crystal-clear leadership, sounding a definitive note, bringing an end to confusion of direction.

Quick Prayer: Help me to give clarity of leadership. Amen.

Provided by YouVersion and Called to Business

Written by Allison Levy


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