I love excellence. I appreciate seeing things done well, professionally, efficiently, and effectively. A well-conceived idea powerfully executed and delivered is great to experience.

God calls us to strive for excellence by working with all our hearts, passionate and committed. Sometimes that is not easy. In particular we are not to look at our earthly masters. They may be a board, a company owner, a CEO, or whatever. You may disagree; they may be incompetent or inexperienced, rude or overbearing. Regardless of whom you serve, the only way to have the right attitude is to serve them as if you were working for the Lord, worshiping Him.

Keep coming back to this powerful truth; it may well help you overcome immense frustration. It is sometimes not easy, but God’s Word will prevail.

Quick Prayer: Guide me into excellence in all I do as I serve You. Amen.

Provided by YouVersion and Called to Business

Written by Allison Levy


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