At all times carry faith as a shield; for with it you will be able to put out the burning arrows shot by the Evil One. Ephesians 6:16 (GNT)

Yesterday I was fortunate enough to be in a business meeting and we were talking about some tough decisions. The conversation turned to faith (that’s why I was fortunate). While I know I am not quoting this exactly, I am going to try to get it close. One of the people in the meeting said “The way I see it, faith is like a shield that surrounds you. You should have it with you all the time so you can use it whenever. Kind of like when Indiana Jones had to step into the air only to find something to stand on.” It’s so on point. In different places in the Bible, it’s pretty clear you are supposed to carry your faith with you everywhere you go so you can use it when you least expect it. Keep your faith handy. If you love Jesus, you will frequently have to take that Indiana Jones step into who knows what. It’s your faith that will let you do it.

–Elaine Kapentanakis

Written by Diane Levy


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