Fall of Babylon – A Call to Prayer

Then another angel followed him through the sky, shouting, “Babylon is fallen—that great city is fallen—because she made all the nations of the world drink the wine of her passionate immorality.” Revelation 14:8 NLT

The second angel of Revelation 14 is shouting an urgent message that Babylon has fallen. How does this apply to us today? The fall of Babylon urges us to prayer so that we will recognize who Babylon is and how we can avoid being part of Babylon’s system of worship.

  1. We need to be praying for a clear understanding of God’s Word and a closer walk with Jesus.
  2. We need to pray for a faith that is strong that can stand firm during trails. A storm is coming. We need to be anchored on the rock – and that rock is Jesus.
  3. We need the courage to witness to our family and friends so that they too will have a deep relationship with Jesus so they can stand firm on the rock of Jesus.

–Diane (

Written by Diane Levy


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