Find Purpose In Your Work : Day 3

God will provide understanding and wisdom.

God How Will You Move Next?

God’s plans are big. Only He can equip us to accomplish His purpose. He gives both the knowledge and the gifts that we need. God told Abraham of His plan to bless all peoples on earth through him, and God gave Abraham the gift of a son, Isaac, to help fulfill that promise.

We’ve prayed to listen for how God has gifted you and how He is strengthening you for His purpose. Now, let us join in Paul’s prayer for the early church. Paul asked God to fill people in the church with the knowledge of His will through wisdom and understanding from the Spirit.

God wants to fill you with a knowledge of His will through the Spirit. Take a moment now to listen for God’s future plans in your life.

Provided by YouVersion and Abide Team

Written by Allison Levy


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