Getting Even

And don’t say, “Now I can pay them back for what they’ve done to me! I’ll get even with them!” (Proverbs 24:29 NLT)

When someone hurts us or our family physically, emotionally, etc. we want to get back so that they hurt the way we hurt.  This is the opposite of what Jesus taught.  He said to treat others as we want to be treated not treat others the way they treat us.  If we retaliate then they will retaliate.  It never stops.  Like the feud of the Hatfields and McCoys.  Best to stop it before it starts.  It should be us that chooses to not retaliate but pray and forgive.  We don’t have to associate with them again, but we don’t have to get even either.

For we know the One who said, “I will take revenge. I will pay them back.” He also said, “The LORD will judge His own people.” (Hebrews 10:30 NLT)

–Diane (

Written by Diane Levy


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