Hurry Jesus! – part 2

She Lives!

This man Jesus, he was taking his good sweet time. As he walked through the crowd, he touched people and talked to people. It was driving me mad. We needed to hurry. My daughter was dying. All of a sudden he stops and says “Who touched me?” What? Are you kidding me? There are tons of people everywhere, a more appropriate question would be who didn’t touch you. He wouldn’t budge until he knew who touched him. His disciples were trying to get him to see that this was a pretty silly question but he insisted. Pretty soon, a woman stepped forward. She had reached out to touch his robe to heal her of some illness that she’s had for 12 years.12 years! She could certainly wait another day, right? He asked her to tell him the story. He wanted all the details. OH MY WORD! OK, fine. She’s healed, let’s move on please. My daughter…..

I stood there resigned that he was not going to move until he had finished with this woman – who by the way was unclean so we shouldn’t have been talking to her anyway. As I was wondering how to get him moving, some of the workers from my house came and said, “Don’t worry the Teacher any more. She’s passed. Come home.” My heart sank. I was crushed. My beloved daughter had died while I was standing here doing nothing. The fear of what was coming started growing in my gut. Jesus turned to me, looked me straight in the eyes and said “Don’t be afraid. Trust me.” Trust you? I was numb. I didn’t know what to say. I came to him to heal her from a fever but she was way past that now. How could he help? In my numbness I followed him. We got to my house and the wailers were there. Everyone was wailing and mourning – the noise was so loud. Jesus at this point had reduced his crowd to just Peter, James and John. He said to everyone, “Why are you making such a racket? She’s not dead. She’s sleeping.” They laughed at him mercilessly. He led them all out of the house. He took my wife and I into our daughter’s room – where she was laying on the bed. I thought he wanted to comfort us. He sat on the bed next to our sweet little one and he gently took her hand. He said, “Sweet girl, it’s time to get up.” She opened her eyes! Oh my God! She opened her eyes! She sat up and started walking around the room! My wife started sobbing and crumpled to the ground. I cried and hugged Jesus! I wanted to jump up and down and shout praises to this man. All he said was don’t tell anyone and feed her. Then he and the others left.

I stood there trying to grasp what just happened. This man, if you want to call him that, he knew…..he knew it was going to be alright. I was trying to hurry him, we needed to move on my time but I could never have even imagined what he was going to do. It would have never occurred to me to think he could raise her from the dead. Gosh, I’m never going to say it was good that my daughter died but if things had happened the way I wanted, I would never have seen the power he had. I would also not have seen how much he cared for others and for my daughter. The tender way he touched her and talked to her, that will live in my mind forever. If I had walked away when Jesus was talking to the woman, I would be burying my daughter instead of eating a meal with her. Truly, if you ask Jesus for help, you are going to get more than you bargained for. Why did I ever think I should hurry the Master? Jesus, from now on, take your time with me. Take your time.

Modern day story of Mark 5:21-24 as told by Jairus. (Elaine Kapetanakis)

Written by Diane Levy


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