Hurry Jesus!!

Hurry Up, Jesus

I am Jairus. I am a local synagogue leader in a town across the lake from Gerasa. I head the council of Elders in my village. I’m respected and I guess, truth be told, I am an important man. I am a leader. I have a wife and a daughter that I love very much.

One day, my daughter became very ill. She had a really high fever. In our day, fevers this high could kill. I consulted with the doctors and they could do nothing for her. They told me to prepare for the worst. I couldn’t. I couldn’t just give up.

Then I heard Jesus was in town. I’d heard of him through the talk of the people. They said he could work miracles. The higher leaders didn’t like him. He was very controversial. But I was desperate. I would do anything to save my daughter.

So I set out to find him. I finally spotted him. He had a large crowd of people following him. From what I hear, this is pretty normal. I pushed my way through the crowd to get close to him. It wasn’t so hard because people recognized who I was from the synagogue so they let me in.

When I stood face to face with Jesus, I was overcome with my need. I dropped to my knees and begged Him, “My daughter is dying. Please come, lay your hands on her and heal her.” Jesus agreed and followed me.

The crowds were pressing all around. Could he save my daughter? Why am I here if I am not sure? I had nowhere else to turn. He was my last resort. I wish he’d hurry. This seems to be taking a long time. Hurry, Jesus. I need you to hurry……

Story to be continued tomorrow…….

Modern day story of Mark 5:21-24 as told by Jairus. (Elaine Kapetanakis)

Written by Diane Levy


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