Like Silly Little Children

“For My people are foolish, They have not known Me. They are silly children, And they have no understanding. They are wise to do evil, But to do good they have no knowledge.” (Jeremiah 4:22 NKJV)

It seems sometimes that we were born to rebel.  In our two’s we want to do everything ourselves.  When we get to our teen’s we think we know everything and should not have to listen to our parents.  After all, they are too old to understand.  As we age, we still resist being told what to do.  We want to do it our way.  How does God look at our life of rebellion?  He sees us as foolish.  He has nothing but the best for us, yet we refuse to follow Him.  We want to do it our way.  We are like silly children.

Lord, please open our eyes so we understand that without you in our life we only have life here and now is just temporary, but you offer us eternal life.  You have so much more to offer.  Please help us understand the love that you have for us.  Help us to put our focus on you and follow your path.  You are so much wiser than we are.  Help us to accept your guidance.

–Diane (

Written by Diane Levy


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