Pets as Athletes

Pets can be the best companion a person can have. They love unconditionally and don’t hold any grudges. They are always happy to see us, even if we are gone for minutes or hours at a time.

Our pets need our assistance in making sure they live a long and healthy life, just like we do. Imagine not being able to see a doctor for a regular check-up for three and half or four years. That is what it is like for a dog to not be checked by their vet every 6 months. Animals age much more quickly than humans.  I’m sure most people have heard that for every year, a dog ages 7 years. Just as preventative care and early diagnosis is a key factor in health for us, it is for our pets as well.

And think of this, your pet can actually keep you in shape and in fact, help you to exceed your own goals.

FACT:  I trained for my first marathon with a group of people.  They kept me motivated, they kept me in check and held me accountable for every early morning run across the Ringling Bridge.  I completed my marathon in about 5 hours 30 minutes.

FACT:  The next year, I trained with Sugar, our red-nose pit bull.  My time decreased to just over 4 hours and 30 minutes.  Sugar makes me run faster than I even knew I could.  She especially enjoys it while staying fit and healthy as well.


Written by Allison Levy


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