Plan Changed?

Have you ever felt a plan changed by God in your home?

The third chapter of the Book of Ruth starts with Naomi having a plan and pursuing bold moves to see it happen. The plan was to find a husband and home for Ruth.

Boaz was an obvious choice because he had already noticed Ruth and showed her favor in the fields. Naomi discussed the plan with Ruth in great detail and Ruth followed it with great precision. Boaz is identified as a “kinsman redeemer.” This was a close relative of a family who was trapped in difficult circumstances. By marrying Ruth, Boaz could provide an heir to inherit the land of Naomi’s deceased husband.

Naomi is showing us how faith works along side of logic and circumstances. When our circumstances line up against God’s word then we can be bold in stepping out in faith.

Provided by Abide Team

Written by Allison Levy


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