Pray for Success

Is God interested in our success? Yes He is. I am not sure what it is in us that seems reluctant to ask Him for it. Is it pride that we can do it ourselves? Is it a failure to understand where success ultimately comes from? Perhaps it is a notion that we don’t deserve better or that it is presumptuous to ask.

Often I think we are being judged by our own motives, but if we waited for them to be pure, we would never get anything done. Whatever it is, let us lay it down and pick up the biblical understanding that we need to ask for success, for blessing, and for His favor. Let’s pray not with human understanding and reticence but in a biblical way—one of total surrender, obedience, and reliance.

Quick Prayer: Father, according to Your Word, I pray for success. Amen.

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Written by Allison Levy


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