Prayer – Conversation with God

Prayer Conversation with God

“One of our problems is . . . We pray like Ol’ MacDonald’s wife with a gimme, gimme here, and a gimme, gimme there, here a gimme, there a gimme, everywhere a gimme, gimme. I had a student in my office a while back, he said, “Prof, I’m really struggling in my prayer life.” I said, “I’ll give you an assignment. Go home and pray for five minutes without asking God for one thing.” So, he goes to his room, gets down on his knees, and starts to pray. He prays about everything he knew of in theology. He quoted every verse of Scripture he had ever memorized. He sang every Christian song he could remember. He got up and looked at his watch. Only three minutes had gone by.

You think it’s easy? I dare you to try it. Pray for five minutes without asking God for a thing. It will revolutionize your prayer life. You don’t come into the presence of God in prayer focused on your will; you come focused on His will. Jesus says that’s the way to pray.”

Howard Hendricks

Written by Diane Levy


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