Quiet Please

Be still and know that I am God. Psalm 46:10

You ever notice when things are going haywire for people they say “I’m just holding on.” Even Christians say it, heck, I say it. “I’m just holding on.” “I’m holding on to God.” Or “I’m holding on for dear life.” Sometimes the only thing we can do is hold on because things are just so darn overwhelming that there is nothing else. Recently, I heard the song by Casting Crowns that says “You’re not alone, stop holding on and just be held.” Just be held….I like that idea. The idea that our making it through something isn’t about how well we hold on, it’s about how well we are held. It’s not about how much control we have but instead about our surrender to the one who is truly in control. I have to say, I think being held is harder than holding on. It involves trusting God and when things are running amuck, trusting God is not easy. But I also think, if I can learn to do it, being held is going to be way better than holding on.  –Elaine Kapetanakis

Written by Diane Levy


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