That’s Where Hallelujah Comes From

My friend, Paul, lives in the central part of the United States. His widowed mother still lives in Europe; Romania actually.

She is 79 and she lives alone; in the same house for decades. It’s a friendly neighborhood; she knows all her neighbors, and they know her.

Paul is in touch with her regularly, but because of current travel restrictions, he doesn’t get to see her often. A week ago he received a chilling message: “Your mom has tested positive for Covid-19.” Maybe it won’t be a serious case, but at 79 she is in the age bracket which is the greatest concern. Paul prayed and waited. He also sent money for food, for medicines, to help with utilities. And he asked her neighbors to check on her.

But as contagious as Covid is, he discovered that her neighbors were not eager to knock on her door. What to do, besides pray?

One evening last week he phoned to check on her. She sounded terrible on the phone, and in the course of the conversation, she confided to him that, besides her other symptoms, she had begun coughing up blood. His concern turned to full-blown trepidation.

Then he remembered a bunch of friends who had been at his side as prayer warriors for the past year. The youth group I once belonged to had a song that said, “Reinforcements now appearing, victory is nigh.”

So he got the word around, “Mom is in a crisis; will you join me in pleading for a supernatural intervention for her?” And they did. Some began as soon as they got the word. Some prayed into the night. Some prayed all night.

The next day she phoned him. The coughing had stopped. Her temperature had normalized and she was feeling better, thanks. Amazing. Not surprising, but amazing.

Now, I know, it doesn’t always happen that way. Sometimes the pandemic wins. But, as my friend, Senate Chaplain Barry Black, likes to say, “Don’t be intimidated by the impossible.” That’s good counsel, isn’t it? Sometimes the pandemic wins but sometimes it doesn’t. We ask, then willingly submit as the Sovereign of the universe makes the final decision. He never makes a mistake. So we pray, believing, then leave it with Him.

That’s where Hallelujah comes from.

By Don Jacobsen (

Written by Diane Levy


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