The Grand Choreographer

My friend, Pastor Randy, got a phone call one morning from a lady who sounded pretty distraught. She asked if he would pray for her, so they set up an appointment at Randy’s church. Her story was indeed heart-rending. She had been studying for two years to become a nurse. But when she took the final exam to receive her license, she didn’t pass. She was crushed.

But the other part of her story was even worse. She had recently learned the devastating news that her husband had been unfaithful to their marriage vows.

Her anguish spoke to Randy’s heart and he prayed earnestly for her. For courage. For hope. For friends who would come alongside her. That God would give her the gift of forgiveness. That the Holy Spirit would fulfill His promise and be her Comforter.

In a few days, she called again. She had found courage from Pastor Randy’s prayers and she wondered if they could meet again, but this time could he bring someone else with him to join them. He promised to try.

Providentially, the pastor was conducting a series of prayer classes in his church and he asked the group if any of them could accompany him the next morning. Eight of the class members volunteered. He decided to take them all. After the rest of the class had left the seminar Pastor Randy explained briefly about the situation so they could pray intelligently for this very troubled lady.

After he described some of the details, one of the volunteers timidly raised her hand and said, “Pastor, about two years ago I learned that my husband was having an on-going affair with his secretary. I thought I’d die. But I’d be willing to share with this lady how the grace of God got me through. I know our situations are different but maybe my healing can encourage her.” Pastor Randy thought to himself, “Isn’t it amazing how God brought this lady to our group today to bless someone whose story we didn’t even know yet.”

A second lady from the group raised her hand and said, “Pastor, I’m a member of the State Board of Licensing for nurses. I don’t know what questions will be on her exam when she re-takes it of course, but I do know some things that will help her prepare. And I’ll be glad to coach her through her prep time…I am confident I can help her get ready for the exam so she can pass next time.” And she did. And she did.

As Randy told that story I was struck again with God’s care – and His guidance. About how He had just the right people in the right place at the right time. I think they call that choreography. God has a different explanation: “Before they call I will answer.” We’ve read that promise before, haven’t we?

By Don Jacobsen (

Written by Diane Levy


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