If work is from God, why is it so hard sometimes? When God begins to transform us, He doesn’t sprinkle dust from heaven; He applies pressure and heat. Like a diamond needs pressure to be created and just as gold is refined in fire, so too do we need adversity to grow godly character.

We have two options when the heat gets turned up: resist and achieve nothing or surrender to God, press into Him, and choose to react in His ways. The dross rises quickly to the surface, and we need to let Jesus heal us and transform us into His own image.

This is not a pleasant process, yet it will transform us to be available for His purposes and plan. We need to cooperate with His plan and not resist the change process. Who are we as clay to tell the Potter He is not making us correctly?

Quick Prayer: Transform me into Your image. Amen.

Provided by YouVersion and Called to Business

Written by Allison Levy


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