Trouble at Home?

What is the trouble in your home?

The story of the Book of Ruth begins in the country of Moab near the Dead Sea. It takes place during the period of Judges at a time of great failure and struggle for the people of Israel. A horrible drought forced a woman named Naomi and her husband to leave Moab for Jerusalem. When they arrive Naomi’s husband dies. Her two sons both marry. One of her daughters-in-law is a young woman named Ruth. Soon after they marry, both of Ruth’s sons die. Are you getting the picture? Naomi is left alone but Ruth stays with her and they travel together to Jerusalem. Ruth eventually remarries to a wealthy landowner named Boaz. They have children and their family provides ultimately to the lineage of Christ!

First, as we compare our stories of distress in our own homes, we can learn from Ruth the importance of being bold and courageous. After her husband died and she didn’t know what to do she found courage in the Lord to boldly pursue what she felt was right in the sight of the Lord!

Provide by Abide Team

Written by Allison Levy


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