Trust In The LORD

It was the middle of the night, and suddenly soldiers crashed into our house. There was a war going on between Aram and Israel. That night, my life changed forever. I was taken from my family. I kicked and screamed and cried – begging to stay. I finally fell asleep, exhausted. When I woke, I was in the home of a powerful commander of the Aram army.  His name was Naaman. I was a now a servant. I had been assigned to Naaman’s wife.

I was young. I didn’t know much about affairs of state and commanders and kings. I did know though that Naaman was very powerful. He reported directly to the King of Aram. I also knew that this family I lived with did not believe in God.  They believed in lots of other gods, but not the living God. I figured it was best just to be quiet and do my job.  That would keep me safe.

Time passed, I got into a routine and things were going well.  Then, something horrible happened.  Naaman came down with leprosy. Leprosy was a horrible disease that robbed you of everything you had, often including your life. My mistress was in great pain and cried a lot. She was so worried about what would happen to Naaman. I prayed. I asked God to help him. Then one day I felt impressed that I was supposed to tell Naaman to go see Elisha back in my home country. I was terrified at the idea. Tell Naaman to get help from an enemy country? Telling Naaman what to do at all was suicide but telling him to go see Elisha? The impression would not let up.

So, with my nerves on edge and a very large knot in my stomach, I said to Naaman’s wife “If only my master would go see a prophet I know of in Samaria, he could cure him!”  Naaman’s wife told Naaman what I said.  Naaman told the king.  The king said go with blessing and take lots of presents with you.

Naaman went and found Elisha. Elisha told him what to do (that’s another story) and Naaman was healed. He came home a different man. He said he would never make another burnt offering to another god other than the living God. Naaman was true to his word. He fell in love with God that day.

What would have happened if I had let my fears control me and not done what God asked? What would have happened if I had not trusted him? I am so happy I was brave enough to think past my fear and find some courage. I am so happy I got to see God work. I will never forget it.

Based on the story in 2 Kings 5

–Elaine Kapetanakis

Written by Diane Levy


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