We are Built for This

If you were expecting an easy trip, you signed on with the wrong travel agency. I mean, locked down for a year in a boat full of animals? (With no TV, no jogging trails, hardly any windows…)

Or walking around in circles for forty years with a couple of million other whining citizens, plus all their kids and goats and sheep, plus carrying all their clothes and their church building. No a/c and no showers. Oh, and all the while fighting off huge angry armies bent on their destruction.

And those three teens staring into a smelter furnace off near the edge of that big field. Ruthie and I drove by a house that was on fire a few days ago and clear out on the street, in the car, with the windows up, we could still feel the heat. But these kids on the plain didn’t even break a sweat. “Tell you what, king, sir, our God can rescue us from this interesting situation. But if He chooses not to, that’s ok, too.” (My paraphrase.)

And you could list a score of others. With only a few exceptions the journey has always been turbulent. But we’re built for this. As my friend, Randy Maxwell likes to say, “We are the people of faith; that’s who we are.” We’ve read the front of the Book and we know how the story started. We’ve read the back of the Book and we know how the story ends. But more, we know the Author of the Book. We know we can trust Him even in the valleys. Even in the storms. Even when the way is long and weary and our bleeding feet are sore.

And our passion is to help others know Him, too. Peace comes with that knowing. Only the Son can get us through the dark places. But He does. He’s been there. That’s what drives our intercession. That’s why we pray for the least, the lost, and the last. That’s why we plead for the frightened, the foolish, and the feeble. That’s why we intercede for the rebellious, the restless, and the resistant.

God rescues us from all of that; how could we not have His agenda become ours? We tell His story any time we get the opportunity. And we pray; the only thing He ever told us to do without ceasing.


By Don Jacobsen (

Written by Diane Levy


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