You Will Find Him

You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. (Jeremiah 29:13 NIV)

Did you ever play hide and seek when you were little?  If you were ‘it’ you would search for all the players who were hiding. You had to look everywhere. You opened doors, looked under things, behind things, moved aside any obstacles (like clothing in a closet) to find your playmates.  A lot of times you had to be very creative to find folks with really good hiding places. And sometimes, you had to go places you really didn’t want to look (I am reminded of my Aunt’s basement where my cousins and I played). Seeking God is a little like this. Not that he’s hiding from us but in the seeking part. It does require participation on our part. We should be looking for him everywhere. We should open doors, look under things, behind things and move any obstacles that will keep us from this relationship. And sometimes, we have to find him in place we don’t really want to go. Those are the places that he shows up the most. So go ahead. Put your heart into it. Seek him.  I guarantee you will find him.

–Elaine Kapetanakis

Written by Diane Levy


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